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  • By Willard Lloyd / July 10, 2020
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    As announced on Monday (6th July), a long-standing employee of Kofkin Bond & Co, Jamie Ardern became a Partner. Tony interviews Jamie about his experiences, projects and the progress achieved in his 5 years.
  • By Willard Lloyd / July 7, 2020
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    Kofkin Bond & Co Market Update for July. After 28 years Australia’s record economic expansion ended due to the bushfires & CV19. Our economy contracted by 0.3% in the March quarter and looks set to contract 8% in the June quarter, confirmation that we are officially in recession.

    We are in a kangaroo market, up and down they go. Financial Markets ended up in better shape than most feared, US shares rose 4.6% while Australian shares trimmed their losses to 10.8% after a partial rebound in the last quarter.

    Within the Kofkin Bond portfolios, we have seen a return of 0.59% in the growth Portfolio with outstanding results from Amazon 16.5%, Apple with 13.1% and Microsoft with 12%. Some that have had some losses are Chevron Group losing -5.6% and Intel Group -4.9%.

  • By Willard Lloyd / July 6, 2020
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    Long time coming!
    With great pleasure, it brings us to introduce Jamie Ardern as a Partner of Kofkin Bond & Co.
    Jamie has been a determining factor in the growth of Kofkin Bond & Co over the past 5 years, he has achieved his position with persistent and successful work, from Administrator to Partner. Fom the humble beginnings of starting work in the lounge-room at the Kofkin resistance to the new office at 21 Victoria Street.
    We looking forward to the continuous growth of Jamie and what he will continue to instil in the organisation.
  • By Willard Lloyd / July 3, 2020
    Reading Time: 4 minutes

    Afterpay is now the face of Australian tech…new generation, new rules…young, dumb, and out of money…and more…

    It’s pretty clear who the biggest winner of 2020 has been thus far…



    The buy now, pay later phenomenon has come a long way this year. Defying plenty of odds and doubters to become a true sensation.

    From their $8.90 low on 23 March, the stock has roared with a vengeance to $68.16. Bringing it ever closer to becoming one of Australia’s top 20 companies by valuation.

    Easily the most prolific and talked about success stories of this whole pandemic.

  • By Willard Lloyd / July 2, 2020
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    This week’s podcast Tony and Jamie discuss market downturns, what happens when they occur, how often they have happened and how you can capitalize on them.

  • By Willard Lloyd / June 30, 2020
    Reading Time: 6 minutes

    There is no definitive answer, but here are three things to consider before you invest, writes Morningstar’s Daniel Needham.

    We’ve heard questions from many clients about why the market is doing so well right now given how bad the economy is, and whether we will see the lows of March 2020 retested.

    They’re good questions, but there might not be clear-cut answers for those who want certainty. We’ll discuss three points embedded in investors’ questions.

    Key takeaways

    • Markets are unpredictable, especially in the short term. This means we should be prepared to see many different outcomes, including what we’ve seen in recent months.
    • Markets predict the economy, not the other way around. Don’t expect the economy to improve because the stock market has risen.
    • What is a market? An index’s performance can hide the idiosyncrasies of underlying sectors and types of stocks.
    • In our view, stocks that have fallen more or recovered less often have greater potential for future gains.

  • By Willard Lloyd / June 26, 2020
    Reading Time: 8 minutes

    Compounding can produce astounding results. Take the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Letter that Warren Buffett writes. His latest shows a 20.3% annual compound return between 1965 and 2019. Impressive, especially versus the S&P500 return of 10%.

    But here’s the punchline. That 20.3% is a 2,744,062% overall gain. Or put another way, $100 invested with Buffett for 55 years would now be worth $2.75 million.

    An unwritten rule for every article about compounding is that the author must state that Albert Einstein described compound interest as “the eighth wonder of the world”.

    Trouble is, despite the internet carrying thousands of memes on the phrase, there is no evidence he ever said it. Economist Don Stammer once told me he had spent days trying to find an original and accurate source of the quote without success. Never mind, fake news, but it sounds good.

  • By Willard Lloyd / June 25, 2020
    Reading Time: < 1 minute

    This week’s Tony and Jamie discuss matters around the world of Debt. The definition of what bad debt is and how to leverage existing assets and equity and leveraging that with debt and the ability to be tax-effective towards a growth strategy.

  • By Willard Lloyd / June 25, 2020
    Reading Time: 4 minutes
    • Create a spending and saving plan
    • Think about your money in buckets—right away, short-term, medium-term, and long-term
    • Consider maximizing your returns while minimizing your costs and risk

  • By Willard Lloyd / June 23, 2020
    Reading Time: < 1 minute

    After another recent shock to a client, Tony & Jamie take some time to reflect on the importance of insurance, and the assistance it can provide families in hard times. Since our first podcast which followed the same topic on February 19th, 2019, Kofkin Bond & Co has seen a further $4,000,000 in claims paid to clients and their families.

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