Working Shoulder to Shoulder

We’re working shoulder to shoulder with those who have served and continue to serve our nation on a new initiative to secure their financial future.


Secure Your Financial Future

Kofkin Bond & Co recognises the experience and dedication of Australia’s war veterans, reservists and current as well as former service personnel.

In an effort to give back, we’re working shoulder to shoulder with those who have served and continue to serve, our nation, on a new initiative to secure their financial future. Kofkin Bond & Co is proud to announce LTCOL (Retd) Kyle Tyrrell as Ambassador to this worthwhile initiative.

Our Commitment to Warfighters

Kofkin Bond & Co will provide financial support to both current and former members of the Australian Navy, Army and Air Force, as well as their extended families. Our advisers assist our Warfighters to navigate the complex world of wealth management, estate planning and (with the help of advocates) the complex world of DVA.

We can provide a wide range of financial planning support from basic savings, the purchase of property, to building investment and retirement portfolios that help our Warfighters achieve their financial goals.

The services provided include:

  • Personal wealth planning
  • Protecting family wealth (Specialised insurance services)
  • Estate planning
  • Property
  • Superannuation
  • Investment advice
  • Retirement planning

We are empathetic in the knowledge of the various challenges that can be faced by individuals upon leaving the active services and resuming life in the civilian world. Among these challenges, facing finances can become daunting and the various degree of assistance required is unique to each client. We work with the client to provide the financial advice that will most benefit them in gaining long-term financial stability and security.

We actively engage with each applicant to ascertain their individual requirements, ensuring they are respected and supported while we work with them to identify their greatest needs. In the short term, we educate the Warfighters on the different paths and options that are available to them that will assist them in setting personal financial goals. We then implement a plan that will help them achieve their mission. Over a longer term, we help provide the Warfighter with changing strategies to ensure they are on track to achieving their goals. We provide these opportunities in the belief that our Warfighters will become empowered to improve their own circumstances and provide a positive future for themselves and their families.

Ambassador: LTCOL (Retd) Kyle Tyrrell

Kyle Tyrrell

Kyle is an Australian Army Veteran with 24 years of service including multiple deployments. He separated from Army in 2011 and has forged a successful career in global business.

He is passionate about creating a new generation of Australian Veterans who are thriving in every aspect of their life and is heavily, involved as a leader, in the Veteran community.

Together with Tony Kofkin (Managing Partner – Australia, Kofkin Bond & Co) Kyle founded the Australian Warfighters Wealth Program with the aim to empower Veterans and their families to alleviate financial stress and build a wealthy future.

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