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41. Holistic Resolutions with Caroline Bakker

  • Willard Lloyd
  • January 10, 2020
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Welcoming all listeners back for another year.

Our first podcast is with Caroline Bakker, a Life Coach from Amazon Warrior. We thought it would be fitting to start the New Year with a conversation around habits and the steps taken to form and maintain these habits throughout the year. Caroline goes through her process of setting goals and ensuring, regardless of her situation, that she maintains focus on the steps that are required in achieving her major goals.

Even with hiccups hurdles and health complications, Caroline has been able to establish consistency in her life with progressing to where she would like to be. We are happy to bring a positive to start the New Year and think our listeners will get something out of this episode.

You can find more of Caroline at her Instagram, Facebook and her Website | info@carolinebakker.com

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