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Conversation Series

The Conversation Series

Realise Your Financial Potential

Kofkin Bond & Co. is on a mission to empower Australians to realise
their financial potential.

Realise your Financial Potential is about inspiring Australians to take the first step in pursuit of their chosen passion or purpose and take small steps into a lifetime of happy memories.

At Kofkin Bond we believe in giving back, for this, we host free events for our clients, prospective clients and their friends. We have successfully run two Conversations Series, first being at the Hawthorn Town Hall, this one focused around getting in the game with international guest speaker Peter Thurin. The second was held at the Lido Cinema in Hawthorn with Carrie’s Beanie for Brain Cancer and raising a substantial amount of money for the charity.

For more information regarding the Conversation Series, please do not hesitate to contact the office. 03 9111 2675 or enquiries@kofkinbond.com.au 


Realise your Financial Potential is a call to action at a time when people truly believe in themselves to fuel change, and whether big or small, an action has the ability to make their world a better place. That movement is what we aim to unbridle this financial year.

Join the Conversation

As a leader in the drive towards financial inclusion, Kofkin Bond & Co is exploring innovative ways for people to realise their financial potential.

The Conversation Series is a unique offering of inspiring group learning experiences deeply connected to empowering Australians with the tools to realise your financial potential.

The Conversation Series is the first of morning events and this year we open with the theme, Inspiration. Motivation. Education.

Held by Tony Kofkin, Managing Partner of Kofkin & Co. and international guest speaker and leading authority on performing excellence, Peter Thurin – will share insights, uncover stories, create opportunities and empower people to think differently; to realise your potential.

Peter will join the conversation to engage, motivate, and empower performance growth to achieve excellence in our lives.

The Conservation Series will cover the following areas: 

  • Inspiration: Become the best version of yourself.
  • Motivation: Take action to achieve your business and personal goals.
  • Education: Current economic cycles and opportunities.


Location to be confirmed (Hawthorn Area)

Refreshments Served
Seating is Limited.

Ways to Register



Call Kofkin Bond & Co. to register your interest.
Call us today on
03 9111 2675



Register your interest by completing the details below before
Monday 18 June, 2018. 



When you have registered, sit back and relax while we empower you with new ways to realise your financial potential. 

Register to the Conversation Series

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