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Kofkin is on a mission to empower all Australians to realise their financial potential.

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“As the beginning of the financial year fast approaches, there’s no better time to remind ourselves that we have the power to do something meaningful and, make something special happen in our lives and our world”, says Tony Kofkin, Managing Partner of Kofkin Bond & Co.

With the launch of Realise your Financial Potential, Kofkin Bond & Co is inspiring Australians to take a first step in pursuit of their chosen passion or purpose, and take small steps into a lifetime of happy memories.

“Realise your Financial Potential’ is a call to action, at a time when people truly believe in themselves to fuel change, and, whether big or small, an action that has the ability to make their world a better place. That movement is what we aim to unveil this financial year.

“Every day at Kofkin Bond & Co. we work to make a difference in the community. Whether it’s working with businesses to drive financial certainty to the bottom line, supporting Australians lessen their tax implications as a result of relocating or working side by side with those who have served, and continue to serve our nation, on a new wealth initiative to secure their financial future,” says Kofkin.


The #realiseyourfinancialpotential movement launched this week is encouraging people to join the conversation as we share helpful ways to pursue a purpose, and effect change to realise one’s financial potential to gear up for the beginning of the new financial year.

For Kofkin Bond & Co, the new brand mantra will come to life across a variety of experiences and conversations in Melbourne. It will target small and medium-sized business owners, individuals wanting personal financial advice, families wanting to protect legacy wealth and business interests as well as those Australians who are about to take up employment overseas.

The brand will uncover stories, create opportunities, and encourage people to think differently –In the upcoming conversation series, our desire is to have people realise their financial potential.  

Join the Conversation

The Conversation Series is the first of morning events and this year we open with the theme: Inspiration. Motivation. Education.

This is a unique learning experience where Tony Kofkin will be joined by an international guest speaker, Peter Thurin to share insights, uncover stories, create opportunities to empower Australians to think differently – to realise their financial potential.

Some of the areas covered in the Conversation Series include:

  • Inspiration. To become the better version of yourself.
  • Motivation. To achieve your personal and business goals.
  • Education. Create economic cycles and opportunities.

The event will empower you with new insights to #realiseyourfinancialpotential.

Register Your Interest

Friday 22 June
7.15am for 7.30AM to 9.00am
Refreshments provided

*Location details will be available soon (Hawthorn Area)

Email Your Interest Today.
This is the time to realise your financial potential. Register your interest by calling 03 9111 2675 or click here. Be quick, as seating is limited. Click here 

 A Free Financial Health Check to Business Owners.
Beginning this week, #realiseyourfinancialpotential will also shine a light on how financial guidance in starting a business can help overcome personal challenges and confront bias to pursue a lifelong dream to transform adversity into strength.  Click here

Today, Kofkin Bond & Co is also offering business owners the opportunity to complete a confidential, no obligation  financial health check called,  Lifetracker  – at no cost.  The online questionnaire identifies which areas of your business needs review to keep your financial future in order. Lifetracker is available on the Kofkin Bond & Co. website or by clicking on the link provided.  

Complete the quick and easy financial health check and get instant results today. Click here

For Further Information

If you would like to know more about the products and services available at Kofkin Bond & Co or how you can realise your financial potential, contact us today on 03 9111 2675  or email: enquiries@kofkinbond.com.au


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