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Family Office / High Net Worth

What are 'Family Offices'

Kofkin Bond & Co Family office is a Melbourne based private wealth management advisory firm that serve ultra-high-net worth investors both in Australia and the United States of America. We are different from traditional wealth management firms in that we offer a total outsourced solution to managing the financial and investment side of an affluent individual or family.

The Many Disciplines of the Kofkin Bond & Co Family Office Service

Providing the advice and services for ultra-wealthy families under a comprehensive wealth management plan is far beyond the capacity of any one professional advisor. It requires a well-coordinated, collaborative effort by a team of professionals from the legal, insurance, investment, estate, business and tax disciplines to provide the scale of planning, advice and resources needed. Kofkin Bond & Co family office wealth management service combine’s asset management, cash management, risk management, financial planning, lifestyle management and other services to provide each family with the essential elements for addressing the pivotal issues it faces as it navigates the complex world of wealth management and estate protection.

Legacy Planning and Management

After a lifetime of accumulating wealth, high-net-worth families are confronted with several obstacles when trying to maximize their legacy including capital gain estate taxes, complex estate laws, and complicated family or business issues. A comprehensive wealth transfer plan must take into account all facets of the family’s wealth including the transfer or management of business interests, the disposition of the estate, management of family trusts, philanthropic desires and continuity of family governance. Family education is an important aspect of a family office; this includes educating family members on financial matters and instilling the family values to minimize intergenerational conflicts. Kofkin Bond & Co family office wealth management service’s work collaboratively with a team of advisors from each of the necessary disciplines to ensure the family’s wealth transfer plan is well-coordinated and optimized for its legacy desires.

Lifestyle Management

Kofkin Bond & Co family office wealth management also outsources a personal protection concierge service for families, handling their personal affairs and catering to their lifestyle needs. This could include conducting background checks on personal and business staff; providing personal security for home and travel; aircraft and yacht management; travel planning and fulfillment; and streamlining business affairs. There are many aspects to security {and safety} which are quite specialised in themselves including personnel, infrastructure, cyber, physical, counter espionage, electronic etc.

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