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6 things to help you make good decisions in bad times

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Studies show that faced with stress, our ability to make balanced decisions is compromised. Here are six factors that help you eliminate anxiety and fear.

The COVID-19 pandemic is hitting every part of our lives—health and well-being, finances and job security, family, and community—in every part of the world. When we are living in a period of deep uncertainty, without context or precedent, it can be easy to make bad decisions. In fact, studies show that faced with stress, our ability to make balanced decisions is compromised. Instead, we make decisions primarily based on positive rewards, while overlooking negative consequences. Given that we make decisions all the time, how can we ensure, even during this time of crisis, that the decisions we make are good ones?

Helping you to Navigate Uncharted Territory

Reading Time: 3 minutes

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in dramatic and unprecedented changes for many families and households, impacting social lives, workplaces and finances. 

As financial advisers, we are responding to the unfolding crisis to assist our clients to manage the financial repercussions.

From looking at how the Government’s measures will impact your finances, to developing a plan to assist you to be positioned in the best possible way to make it through this period, we can provide support when it’s needed most.

Roller-coaster of emotions within Investing

  • Willard Lloyd
  • February 11, 2020
Reading Time: 4 minutes

short-sighted or blindsided…rollercoaster of emotions…and more…

A 330% return in eight months.

Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

It’s the kind of short-term gain that every investor dreams of. But it’s not the kind of return that’s easy to achieve.

Typically you’d have to rely on a very tiny stock for an explosive result like this. Companies that have plenty of upside potential due to their diminutive market caps.

But that’s not the case for my example above. Rather, that 330% return came from a multi-billion NASDAQ stock. A very divisive stock at that…

It was Tesla Inc [NASDAQ:TSLA].

The Changing Nature of Debt

  • Willard Lloyd
  • December 3, 2019
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Australians delight in their nation punching above its weight. But there’s little to celebrate in being the world’s silver medallists – we’re a nose behind the Swiss – when it comes to household debt.i With the present-buying, holiday-taking season nigh, millions of Australians could soon find themselves sinking even deeper in the red.

Older readers may remember a time when credit was hard to come by and people were cautious about going into debt. But those days are long gone, as our appetite for credit and the way we access it, is evolving.

How to be a Millionaire!

  • Willard Lloyd
  • November 22, 2019
Reading Time: 6 minutes

Most people want to be millionaires…how much do you need?…the key is to find investment returns better than the basic average of 6.7%…and more…

There are two kinds of responses to this

One would be people that genuinely want $1,000,000 as it’s life-changing money.

The other would be the people that see it yet do nothing at all. They think they’ll never get it, someone else will so why bother.

Now it’s unlikely you’ll ever get $1,000,000 legitimately for doing nothing. But what if I told you that you could get $1,000,000 without too much effort? Again, there will be two kinds of people that consider this.

Some will be interested in how they could get $1,000,000 without too much effort. Then there will be those who think it’s not possible and it’ll never happen for them, so why bother at all. 

Now if you think you’ll never get close to being a millionaire, then stop reading. This isn’t for you. But if you want to understand how a simple strategy can be put into place long term to open up the possibility to be a millionaire…read on.