Family Owned and Private Business Financial Planning

The Kofkin Bond & Co Family Owned and Private Business Financial Planning business was founded on the principal that no one firm can be an expert in all areas of professional services for Family and Private Businesses, as the complexities of taxation, corporate law, International taxation, law and Visa’s, estate planning, wealth management, succession planning, insurance funding, capital raising, business sale or IPO strategies etc are all areas of expertise in their own right.

Kofkin Bond & Co’s Managing Partner; Tony Kofkin has worked with large and small SME’s since 1991 and is highly regarded as one of Australia’s business financial planning leading advisors. As a result, over many years, Tony has been engaged to work with some of Australia’s most well-known and respected family owned and private businesses with annual turnovers in excess of $500mill.

But we are also well aware, that even our extensive expertise is limited when considering all areas that business owners need to address on a day to day basis, which Is why we have invited other experts in their chosen professionals to work alongside us to the benefit of our clients.


As a result, Kofkin Bond & Co has brought together some of Australia’s leading practitioners in their chosen fields, to not only look after the business owners or company directors, but also one of their most valuable assets being their employees.

Our focus on practical and cost-effective solutions form the cornerstone of the technical assistance and consulting activities performed by Kofkin Bond & Co and our members and most importantly you have all of your business advisors working collaboratively together to ensure your best interests are the basis of all advice in all areas.

Decades of practical experience are at your disposal to assist with your efforts to meet the on-going demands of growing and benefiting from your hard work in owning a company.

Services Provided

  • Funds management
  • Succession Planning and Intergenerational business transfer advice
  • Taxation planning for the sale or transfer of a business
  • Buy/Sell agreement strategies and funding advice and implementation.
  • Investment advice
  • Taxation and structure legal advice
  • Transferring or sale of assets taxation and legal advice
  • Business sale preparation
  • Advisory Board members
  • Implementation of a Board of Directors
  • Implementation of company corporate governance
  • Implementation of family corporate governance
  • Education and mentoring of the next generation
  • Finding a business buyer
  • Business valuations
  • Capital Raising
  • IPO
  • Working with companies wanting to expand into the USA {legal, visa’s and international taxation both for the business and individuals}
  • Working with American companies wanting to expand into Australia {legal, visa’s and international taxation both for the business and individuals}
  • Taxation- ATO compliance
  • Law-Property
  • Law-Commercial
  • Law-Taxation
  • Law-Copywrite and trademarks
  • Law-Employee contracts
  • Law-Litigation
  • Marketing, Media and Public Relations
  • Local and Federal Government lobbying