The vast majority of Kofkin Bond & Co clients are referred to us by either existing clients, thus paying us the greatest compliment we can receive from a client, or from a professional advisor such as an accountant or lawyer.

We are not an industry specific advisor like some other groups claim to be, we help specialise in areas of:

  • Small Family Business
  • Small Medium Enterprises
  • Business Professional including:

– Medical Professionals
– Lawyers
– Accountants
– Engineers
– Building and Construction
– Professional Sport and Entertainment Individuals
– Self Funded Retirees

What makes us stand out above all others is that we look after people from all backgrounds and industries. Our job is simple: we look at your current circumstances and see if we can add any value to your position. We do this by having a firm understanding of all legislation and current rules and regulations. Then we ensure that your investments are within your risk profile and manage it correctly. It is imperative that your insurance is owned by the correct entities and that the sums insured and policy definitions are always kept up to date. It is also important to know that your beneficiaries are set up to reflect your intentions in the event of a claim.