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Category : Estate Planning

Marriage and estate planning go hand in hand

  • kofkinbond
  • July 26, 2016

Let’s explain why marriage should prompt you to re-visit your estate planning.  

Marriage should be an immediate trigger to review clients’ estate planning.

Given that many people get married later in life, and marriages often involve children from previous relationships, estate planning issues around this can be particularly complex.

Estate Planning

  • kofkinbond
  • February 24, 2016

A Will isn’t always the way

You would have heard the saying: “where there’s a will, there’s a way”.

This statement is usually used to encourage people who are losing enthusiasm for a task or goal.

But it also reflects the way many people feel about estate planning. They think that so long as you have a Will, you have a way to ensure your wealth is passed correctly to your loved ones.

But this is not necessarily the case.