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People and Culture

Our Team

Our people are our greatest asset – we say it often and with good reason. It is only with the determination and dedication of our people that we can serve our clients, generate long-term value for our shareholders and contribute to the broader public.

At the crux of our efforts is a focus on cultivating and sustaining a diverse work environment and workforce, which is critical to meeting the unique needs of our diverse client base and the communities in which we operate.

At every step of our employees’ careers we invest in them, and ensure their interests remain focused on the long term and closely aligned with those of our clients and shareholders. Our goals are to maximize individual potential, increase commercial, reinforce the firm’s culture, expand our people’s professional opportunities, and help them contribute positively to their greater communities.

Why Choose Us



WWe have over 25 years’ experience providing expert financial advice.



We are passionate and care about our work and clients



Our approach is professional with an holistic approach to the outcome of the client



These certificates vary, usually involve rigorous courses, and can be affiliated with many associations



We use specialist in their areas of expertise



Sustainability is the endurance of systems and processes we have in place


Our People

Our team has been working together since 2004, since developing the current business of today in 2008 we have grown into one of the most successful privately owned and diversified wealth management firms in Australia.

By partnering with some of Australia’s and the world’s most renowned asset management firms as well as working hand in hand with our clients’ accountants and lawyers we are able to ensure the best strategic advice is always provided.

Our extended team also includes our professional partners that from time to time we may refer our clients to which include but are not limited to accountants, finance brokers, lawyers, business coaches and many others.

Kofkin Bond & Co provides financial advice to its clients under an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL 224954) held by Total Financial Solutions Australia. Total Financial Solutions is one of Australia’s leading financial planning dealer groups, with approximately 85 qualified financial advisers Australia-wide. Total Financial Solutions Australia is not aligned to any financial institution. Total Financial Solutions Australia supports our business and our clients through product research (through the Approved Product List), technical support, software, compliance audits, professional indemnity insurance, and training. Total Financial Solutions Australia is a Principal Member of the Association of Financial Advisers.