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⌟ Retirement Planning


Superannuation is one of the best long-term investment vehicles with a view to retirement planning that clients can have, whether you are an employee or self-employed.

It offers immediate short term taxation incentives to plan and invest for your retirement as well as long term taxation benefits whilst the income is accumulating and of course magnificent taxation advantages in retirement.

Whether you are an employee in a retail superannuation fund or invested through a Self Managed Superannuation Fund our direct investment philosophy remains the same.

The solutions that we provide our clients are strategic and tailored. 
We deal directly with investments by partnering with one of the world’s largest asset consulting firms and their 180 financial analysts worldwide.
By using a Dynamic Asset Allocation approach we simply buy assets that are offering good long term value directly, rather than going through Fund Managers.

This strategy helps ensure that we are buying certain assets within a particular asset class purely based on its valuation and long-term potential growth and not just blindly following an index with a certain percentage of your funds.

Self-Managed Super Funds

SMSF’s are magnificent investment vehicles that help many Australian families significantly grow their wealth. They can also be a real threat to the Trustees in the event of a breach of the SIS Act. The ATO Fines are substantial. As a result, to give peace of mind to our clients, we outsource the accounting, audit and compliance work to TFS Super. This unique IT system adds no cost to the SMSF from what is already paid in normal yearly accounting fees but adds valuable safety by updating the funds’ taxation and contribution position on a monthly basis.
This means that Trustees can have peace of mind knowing that:
The taxation and audit are updated monthly.
The system will not allow a payment to proceed if it believes it could put the fund in a breach position.
It ensures that you do not exceed your concessional and non-concessional contribution limits.
Trustees are certain that all tax returns are lodged on time thus avoiding any penalties.
That all investments fall within the SMSF’s compulsory investment and insurance strategies.
That all pension payments are made in accordance with the rules and regulations.

We would usually only recommend a SMSF to a client who:

  • Has a combined balance {usually with a spouse} in excess of $200,000 and wants to buy a residential investment property within the fund
  • Or is self-employed and wants to buy their own business premises within the SMSF

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